To market, to market: Exploring Farmer’s Markets


Somsnows bende of my fondest memories of childhood are going to the farmers market with my mom.  There were rows of produce in baskets, bright colors, and lots of fresh foods.  I learned how to pick out melons, how to tell if vegetables were ready to eat, think about how much one stand was charging vs another.  I  also have fond memories of eating food from family and friend’s gardens.  Floyd’s new potatoes and peas,  cooked in a white sauce,  remains a favorite but I could make an entire list of the foods and flavors I remember.  What do you remember?

My Saturday morning routine includes a trip to the Tuscaloosa River Market and often to the Northport Farmer’s Market.  The Tuscaloosa River Market runs almost every week of the year, unless there is some special event blocking Jack Warner or it is near a holiday.  There is a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and other goods at the River Market.   There are small family farms as well as some of the larger organic farms at the market most weekends.  Northport is a smaller market but also features more than just vegetables.

I also receive a CSA box every week from Snow’s Bend Farms.   Every week is different and it is a creative activity to decide what to make from what is included.  I am posting photos of the produce and the results on my Instagram account beginning this week.

My challenge for you is to find a local market and explore the offerings.  Try something new.    Explore.  It’s a grand adventure.

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