“Do what you can do in the moment.”


“Do what you can do in the moment” was my mantra through my triathlon years.  I heard Dave Scott say this at a point when I wasn’t sure if I could complete a triathlon.  Changing the focus to one moment,  what can I do right now, and then in the next moment changed everything.  This morning I returned to BarreCode after about 6 months of not going for various reason.  This mantra  came to mind.  All I have to do is move from moment to moment.  I know that BarreCode is divided into segments and that each one moves me closer to the end of a workout where I may walk out feeling like I won’t be able to walk tomorrow but I will also feel better for having done it.  

BarreCode is more than just a workout though and I have been reminded of that as well.  I found a group of strong, dedicated, disciplined women (primarily because there are few guys too).  I have missed this community more than I realized and I am glad I am back.  

I had to modify this morning due to the injury to my hand, but I still walked out feeling like I had done something good for myself.  I no longer feel like I have to absolutely kill myself during  a workout. I want a good workout and I want to push myself.  I want to do something that will help me live a better life for many years.  

What do you do for yourself?  How do you move?  What makes you feel best? We can make choices that are appropriate for our bodies and that may change over time.  It’s all part of the journey.  

Why I am a CHES

NCHEC logoFive years ago I finished my M.A. in Health Education from the University of Alabama and part of the process was completing the CHES exam, or Certified Health Education Specialist exam.  This exam is a means to validate what I learned in my program and provide my clients with assurance that I am prepared to assist them in the field of health education.

I have not yet worked full time in the field, but maintaining my certification has been vital to me.  Why?  If I am not working full time as a Health Educator why would I spend more time and resources maintaining my certification?  There are many reasons.

Certification means that I have mastered information in 7 different areas important to health education.  It also means that I skilled at project planning for health education and can assist others in assisting you in setting and meeting goals for their own health journey.

Another reason is that I have continued to learn about nutrition and health education from some of the top professionals in the country.   During my 5 year renewal cycle I pursued several courses and trainings in plant based nutrition and eating.  I earned a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies,  became a Hearth to Health certified trainer and finished a Culinary Nutrition course through Amanda Archibald’s Culinary Genomics, and completed a Plant Based Cooking Certification through Rouxbe.   All of these add to my knowledge and skills that I can share with others.

I am integrating this learning into my own life,  seeing what works, and what doesn’t work for me.  This helps me be more sensitive to those I work with because there isn’t a cookie cutter answer that fits every single body and person’s goals.