Welcome to the Gentle Warrior’s Kitchen

Are you on a journey to find a healthier way to live?  Are you looking for easier ways to provide meals for yourself and your family?  Are you looking for tips on how to transition to a plant based way of eating?  Are you curious about ways to take care of yourself that are more than a bubble bath or a manicure?   Come into the Gentle Warrior’s Kitchen.  Pour a cup of tea or coffee and explore how you can live your best life with ease.

Here are a few things you will find in the Gentle Warrior’s Kitchen:

Support for your journey.   We each have a different journey and desire different ways to support our journey.  In the Gentle Warrior’s Kitchen you will find a variety of methods to support your path.  I provide coaching and classes to support the work we will do together.

Kindness and compassion.  Caring for ourselves starts with kindness and compassion towards ourselves, where we are right now.  This isn’t always easy in a society that preaches perfection and ideals that most of us will never attain or even really want to attain.  I listen to my clients with compassion and help them discover their inner voice, and develop kindness, and compassion  to care for their needs.

Ways to improve cooking and meal prep.  As a certified plant-based chef,  I have ideas for recipes, meal planning and prep, and for ways to use tools you have in your kitchen.   Whether you are interested in transitioning to a plant-based way of eating or just incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet,  I can help you with tips, recipes, resources, and cooking classes.


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Come into the Gentle Warrior’s Kitchen

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